Go North East Fleet Go North East's 3888
January 2017 Go North East
Following the cascade of Scania N94UD/East Lancs OmniDekka 6132 (YN04 GJF) from Stanley Depot to Percy Main, this vehicle has transferred from Percy Main to Stanley in exchange, providing a replacement for a Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties Palatine 2 withdrawn due to not complying with DDA / PSVAR regulations.
December 2016 Go North East
Originally added to commemorate the company's centenary year in 2013, this vehicle has had its 'Northern' fleet names stripped. Most vehicles in the fleet which retained these fleet names had them stripped over the summer months ahead of the introduction of a new company corporate livery, but this example wasn't stripped having originally been planned to undergo repaint.
February 2016 Go North East
Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 3941 (NK05 GZO) recently transferred from Riverside Depot to Percy Main, for trial use on services 434/448 in a bid to provide a younger vehicle and improve reliability on the 434/448 services. This trial was unsuccessful, and as such, it is planned to be returned to Riverside Depot. It has been replaced at Percy Main by this vehicle, which is planned to undergo a trial period on services 434/448 like 3941 (NK05 GZO).
July 2007 Go North East
This vehicle has gained "Angel" branding.
July 2007 Go North East
Prior to new branding being launched, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain pink base livery.
March 2015 Go North East
Following repaint into Brighton & Hove's corporate livery, with sub-branding for service 25, this vehicle has entered service at Brighton & Hove's Lewes Road Depot.
March 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has received the revised "Tynedale Links" branding, in line with the launch of the new Optare Solo SR minibuses on some of the "Tynedale Links" network of services.
March 2008 Go North East
Prior to new branding being launched, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain green base livery.
March 2009 Go North East
This vehicle has been repainted into a plain cream base livery, also gaining a small "Coaster" logo below the windscreen in the process.