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December 2007 Go North East Photograph by simply|buses
This vehicle has received "Yellow Bus" branding. "Yellow Bus" is Go North East's new brand for vehicles in the fleet which operate special services such as school buses, miscellaneous peak-time services and special event shuttle services. Yellow was adopted as a standard color for North American school buses beginning in 1939. The colour, which became known as "school bus yellow" in America, was selected because black lettering on that specific hue was easiest to see in the semi-darkness of early morning and late afternoon. For the same reasons, Go North East has adopted the idea for its own fleet.
July 2007 Go North East Photograph by Carlisle Bus Group
This vehicle has been repainted into a plain yellow base livery.
July 2015 Go North East
This vehicle has received "Quaylink" branding. It carries the purple variation of Go North East's "Quaylink" branding for services Q1/Q2.
July 2016 Go North East
Having previously carried Go North East's corporate livery, this vehicle has been repainted into a green base livery. There are a number of changes to Go North East's services in the Gateshead and surrounding areas, from 24th July 2016. As part of these changes, an additional vehicle will be added to the PVR of "Green Arrow" services 97/97A, to improve reliability.
July 2016 Go North East
Having been replaced at Stanley by Transbus MPD/Transbus Mini Pointer 553 (NK53 TKN) earlier this year but temporarily retained in the fleet pending the award of new minibus contracts, this vehicle has now been transferred to Riverside Depot, where it will be allocated to the new 33 service (Newcastle - Hollywood Avenue). The contract for this service commences Sunday 24th July 2016.
July 2009 Go North East
Previously with Go-Ahead London General as fleet number EVL52, this vehicle has been acquired by Go North East and allocated fleet number 3983. It is currently at Thornton Brothers, Ashington, undergoing a pink repaint and full refurbishment.