Go North East Fleet Archive Go North East's 4842
January 2017 Go North East
Having been sold to Ensign Bus Co., Purfleet, in October 2015, without yet being sold on for further service, this vehicle has now been sold for scrap to MC Tractors, Ely.
October 2015 Go North East Photograph by Colin H,
This vehicle has been sold to Ensign Bus Co., Purfleet.
February 2014 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Following the closure of Gateshead and Winlaton depots, this vehicle has been transferred to the brand new Riverside Depot. Riverside Depot replaces the existing depots at Sunderland Road in Gateshead and Winlaton which date back to the days of the tramways.
February 2007 Go North East Photograph by Carlisle Bus Group
This vehicle has transferred from Gateshead Depot to Stanley, and has received sub-branding for the 43/44 services having received "The Diamond" branding whilst still based at Gateshead. The new branding replaces the temporary branding introduced to services 40, 43, 43A, 43B and 44 (vehicles wearing standard fleet livery with Stanley Shuttle vinyls applied), in line with the simplification of the services which operate between Durham and Newcastle, via Stanley.
February 2007 Go North East Photograph by Carlisle Bus Group
Ahead of transfer to Stanley Depot where this vehicle will be allocated to "The Diamond" services 43/44, this vehicle has gained "The Diamond" branding, albeit without sub-branding for the 43/44 services. Early expansion of the Go-Ahead Northern empire saw the acquisition of certain smaller competing bus operators in North East England, during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Northern acquired JH Hammell (Diamond) on 30th December 1994, which this brand refers to.
January 2007 Go North East Photograph by mcwmetrobus2001
Prior to new branding being launched, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain orange base livery.
October 2006 Go North East
Having recently been repainted to remove old branding for the 724 service, this vehicle has now received "Twenty One, 24 hour service" branding.
October 2016 Go North East
Following the transfer of Dennis MPD/Alexander Mini Pointer 604 (NK54 NTY) from Washington Depot to Stanley, this vehicle has been withdrawn from service at Stanley Depot.
October 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has been repainted into Go North East's new corporate livery. The new livery design is a a lot more eye-catching and features a two-tone base livery, with the traditional key colour of red towards the front of the bus, and non-metallic dark blue towards the back. It is thought that further vinyls will be added at a later date, in order to reflect the quality and customer values... see more
October 2010 Go North East
Allocated fleet number 9148 during its time at Go North East, this vehicle has now entered service at Chester-le-Street Depot. Following a period of driver familiarisation, this vehicle will see primary allocation to "Angel" service 22.