Go North East Fleet Archive Go North East's 4922
August 2017 Go North East Photograph by Lee Calder
This vehicle has been sold to A-Line Coaches, Pelaw.
August 2017 Go North East
This vehicle has been withdrawn from service at Riverside Depot.
July 2017 Go North East
A large number of double-deck vehicles are required over the summer months, due to Go North East being awarded with the contracts to operate additional services for special events and Metro Replacement. As such; this vehicle, which would have otherwise been withdrawn in line with the cascade of Optare Versas from Deptford Depot to Riverside, has instead been moved into a float/reserve capacity at Riverside Depot, and will be allocated to a Miscellaneous Works running board normally allocated a double-deck vehicle, but does not contractually require this capacity during school holidays, releasing the double-deck vehicle normally allocated for Metro Replacement work.
October 2016 Go North East
Following its earlier withdrawal, this vehicle has been reinstated at Riverside Depot. Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown 4897 (V987 ETN), which has a lower net book value and interest from a buyer expressed, will be withdrawn in its place.
October 2016 Go North East
Following the transfer of Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 4929 (Y929 ERG) from Chester-le-Street Depot to Riverside, this vehicle has been withdrawn from service at Riverside Depot.
August 2015 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle has received modifications at Thornton Brothers, Ashington, and as such is now DDA-compliant. This means that this vehicle does not need to be withdrawn from service prior to 1 January 2016 (like all other non-DDA compliant single deckers).
February 2014 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Following the closure of Gateshead and Winlaton depots, this vehicle has been transferred to the brand new Riverside Depot. Riverside Depot replaces the existing depots at Sunderland Road in Gateshead and Winlaton which date back to the days of the tramways.
September 2006 Go North East Photograph by Carlisle Bus Group
This vehicle has been repainted into a plain white base livery, providing spare coverage in the event of a branded vehicle being unavailable for service.
November 2010 Go North East
To simplify the services on the Coast Road corridor, services 75/76 will be withdrawn from 13th November 2010. Between Newcastle and North Shields, the services will be replaced by a brand new 310 service, operating every every 15 minutes and serving Coast Road, High Farm, Battle Hill, Middle Engine Lane, Norham Road, Verne Road and Meadow Well. Combined with the existing "Cobalt... see more
November 2015 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred to Chester-le-Street Depot, on temporary loan, to provide extra vehicles for the Durham Lumiere event.
November 2010 Go North East
As a result of service revisions to routes on the Tyne Valley corridor, this vehicle has transferred from Consett Depot to Saltmeadows.
November 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has entered service at Washington Depot. It should act as a dedicated spare vehicle for "Red Arrows" service X1, improving the quality of service provided to passengers when a branded vehicle is unavailable. It will also be allocated to the weekend-only service X88 (Concord - Metrocentre).