Go North East Fleet Go North East's 5207
April 2018 Go North East
Having been replaced at Chester-le-Street Depot by one of the former "South Tyne" branded Optare Versas, now in fleet livery at Chester-le-Street, this vehicle has transferred from Chester-le-Street Depot to Deptford.
August 2017 Go North East Photograph by Lee Calder
This vehicle has received the tagline "Never miss your stop | Many of our buses have next stop screens and announcements".
June 2017 Go North East Photograph by dbp dearingbuspix
Following the entry into service of new Wright Streetlites on "Black Cats" services 2/2A and 39, this vehicle has transferred from Deptford Depot to Chester-le-Street. From Sunday 19th March 2017; Go North East introduced an improved 30-minute frequency to service 13 on Monday to Saturday daytimes, and it will interwork with services 14 and X25. The revised PVR will be 10, and 8 of the vehicles allocated will be single-deck Scania L94UB/Wright Solar vehicles, which are more reliable and will reduce fuel and maintenance costs. With not enough single-decks being available at the time, two Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents were retained, pending the cascade of single-decks from Deptford.
February 2017 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
In line with the delivery of new Wright Streetlite DF/Wright Streetlite Max Micro-Hybrid vehicles for the "Durham Diamond" 16/16A services, which is expected to see the cascade of the current "Durham Diamond" branded Mercedes Citaro 0530N/Mercedes Citaro vehicles to Deptford Depot for use on service X5, this vehicle has been repainted into Go North East's new corporate livery.
April 2016 Go North East Photograph by Tony Kuy
This vehicle has had its sub-branding for "Fast Cats" services X35/X36 removed.
May 2008 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred from Deptford Depot to Percy Main.
May 2016 Go North East
Originally added to commemorate the company's centenary year in 2013, this vehicle has had its 'Northern' fleet names stripped ahead of the introduction of a new company corporate livery.
May 2017 Go North East
Having sustained accident damage, this vehicle has been temporarily withdrawn from service at Deptford Depot. It is expected to be off the road undergoing chassis, body and interior repairs at Thornton Brothers, Ashington, for approximately two months.
May 2015 Go North East
This vehicle has been withdrawn from service within the Driver Training fleet, and has been motified to allow a seating capacity of 70 passengers, ahead of re-allocation to Hexham Depot for scholars services.