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January 2008 Go North East Photograph by
This vehicle has received "Washington Street Shuttle" branding, for the local minibus services operating out of Washington Depot.
October 2007 Go North East
Prior to new branding being launched, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain silver base livery.
July 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred from Stanley Depot to Deptford, for use on the special Sunderland Airshow Park & Ride 4 service.
July 2007 Go North East
This vehicle has gained "Angel" branding.
July 2017 Go North East
Following temporary transfer to Deptford Depot whilst Percy Main had the use of Dennis Dart SLF 5/ADL Enviro 200MMC 9096 (YX17 NXA) on demonstration trials, this vehicle has now returned to service at Percy Main.
July 2016 Go North East
Having previously carried "Citylink" branding, this vehicle has been repainted into a yellow base livery. There are a number of changes to Go North East's services in the Gateshead and surrounding areas, from 24th July 2016. "Citylink" service 58 will be revised to operate every 12 minutes between Heworth and Newcastle only. The Optare Versas surplus to requirements as a... see more