Go North East Fleet Go North East's 5419
June 2017 Go North East
This vehicle has received modified branding, to provide consistency with similarly branded Wright Streetlite DF/Wright Streetlite Max Micro-Hybrid 5401 (NK15 ENO) at Chester-le-Street and 5438 (NK16 BWZ) at Deptford.
January 2017 Go North East
Following temporary loan to Chester-le-Street Depot, this vehicle has returned to service at Stanley.
January 2017 Go North East Photograph by R855 PRG
This vehicle has transferred from Stanley Depot to Chester-le-Street, on temporary loan, to alleviate vehicle shortages.
September 2015 Go North East
This vehicle has received a promotional livery for Beamish Museum. Beamish is a world famous open-air museum telling the story of the people of North East England during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods. The museum's guiding principle is to preserve an example of everyday life in urban and rural North East England at the climax of industrialisation in the early 20th century.
May 2015 Go North East Photograph by Matt D Williamson
Following a number of publicity events to promote the investment into new vehicles for services 45 and 46, this vehicle has entered service at Stanley Depot. On Sundays; when the PVR of the "Coast & Country" services is reduced, this vehicle will be allocated to service X71 (Consett - Newcastle). This provides customers on these services with premium features such as free Wi-Fi and power sockets, and the company can also claim for an enhanced rate of BSOG payment (an extra 6p per kilometre), thus making the Sunday operation of this service more commercially viable. In addition; when not required to cover for a branded vehicle on "Coast & Country" services 8/78 or "Red Kite" services 45/46, this vehicle will be allocated to services X43 on weekdays and the seasonal Beamish Museum 128 service on Saturdays.
May 2015 Go North East
Ahead of its entry into service, this vehicle has received Go North East's corporate livery.
May 2015 Go North East
This vehicle, which carries a red base livery, has arrived into the Go North East fleet, and is currently being prepared for service at Saltmeadows Road Depot. Once prepared for service, it is expected to be allocated to Stanley Depot, to act as a spare vehicle for services 45/46 (Newcastle - Consett), representing an investment of approximately £1,500,000. It is the Micro-Hybrid version of the Wright Streetlite, which is 11.5m in length. The Micro Hybrid recovers energy lost from braking to power the vehicle electrics and compressed air systems, saving up to 10% in fuel costs. The interior specification for this batch of vehicles has been completely overhauled: they feature Esteban Civic V3 seating complete with e-leather; two-colour Tarabus 'Wood Effect' flooring; and blue accent lighting, which is fitted underneath seats, to provide extra light on the gangway.
May 2017 Go North East
This vehicle has received "The Blaydon Racer" branding. "The Blaydon Racer" is the new brand name for services 12/12A (Newcastle - Winlaton), which were previously branded as "Toon Link". The brand name recognises the famous Geordie folk song written in the 19th century by Geordie Ridley, in a style deriving from music hall, containing references to Scotswood Road,... see more
May 2013 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred from Stanley Depot to Gateshead, for primary allocation to "Citylink" service 58.
May 2007 Go North East
To reflect changes to the route of service 39, the route details on the branding of this vehicle have been altered to read 'Southwick - Enterprise Park - City Centre - Doxford International'.
May 2017 Go North East
This vehicle has been treated to a partial repaint into Go North East's new corporate livery. The new livery design is a a lot more eye-catching and features a two-tone base livery, with the traditional key colour of red towards the front of the bus, and non-metallic dark blue towards the back. This example carries the tagline "It's our fantastic people - all 2000 of them - that... see more