Go North East Fleet Archive Go North East's 8293
January 2016 Go North East Photograph by STAN-BUTLER
This vehicle has been sold for scrap to Trevor Wigley & Son Bus Ltd, Barnsley.
January 2015 Go North East
Due to the service changes operational from Sunday 25th January 2015, a number of vehicles have been freed up, allowing for a number of transfers around the region. This includes the transfer of this vehicle from Deptford Depot to Riverside, where it will see allocation to "Great Park & Ride" service X40.
January 2015 Go North East
In line with a major network review in Sunderland commencing 25th January 2015; this vehicle is now allocated to "Laser" services 35/35A and 36, operating between Low Moorsley, Chester-le-Street, Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland and Boldon Cinema. At the moment, it carries no route branding.
January 2013 Go North East
Allocated fleet number 9133 during its time at Go North East, this vehicle has now entered service at Stanley Depot. Following a period of driver familiarisation, this vehicle will see primary allocation to "Diamond" services 43/44.
January 2008 Go North East
This vehicle has received basic "Venture" branding.