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North East Buses The Canteen Competition Monthly Photo Competition
2015 January/Feburary Competition
Hi all,

Sorry about this post being late, but here are the details about this bi-montly competition.

The photo competition will last the whole to months. You will have up until Sunday 15th Feburary to send your entries to me. A new rule, having been suggested by other members, is that the photo has to be taken within Janurary/Feburary. Being the first round, you can enter anything, and there is no paticular theme.
All entries should be sent to thomasanderson133[a]hotmail.co.uk @ is replaced with [a] to avoid spam

In addition to that, there will be a Guess the Bus round. The competition will last from the 25th Janurary to the 8th Feburary, and one picture will be posted every day. I will reveal the answer before the next round. Details will be posted later of that.
Round 1 of Guess the Bus:

Here is the first round of guess the bus, you have until tomorrow (16:30), to guess.
You are only allowed one guess, and the first person to get it will get five points, and any others three points. This will all add up over the fourteen rounds!


[Image: https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8567/1617...a1b7_o.jpg]
Arriva - plain white Solo??
A-Line - Enviro200??
Tom | omnicity4659.co.uk  

(25/01/2015, 19:40)Tommy_1581 Wrote: Arriva - plain white Solo??
A-Line - Enviro200??

Only one guess, so you have to pick one of them.
Only the model will do. 
I think it looks curved enough to be one of GNEs DFDS branded Presidents
Tom | omnicity4659.co.uk  

(25/01/2015, 19:44)Robert Wrote: I think it looks curved enough to be one of GNEs DFDS branded Presidents

I wrong but i shall not cheat the system!
I'm going to go for a Wright Streetlite
Mercedes Citaro
Plaxton Centro.