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2016 Photo Competition

24/10/2016, 00:38 #31
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My approach to when I was voting...

"Oh that looks like a nice photo, I vote for that one".

Totally forgot about this being due to end due to being at UK Ponycon over the weekend. But needless to say, I had a choice of 3 photos for use for scenic photo, ironically all involved Perryman's vehicles. One was the one that won the catergory, my other options were the same vehicle but on the causeway heading to the island, and the other was the Perryman's Optare Solo SR with the Royal Border Bridge in the background with the train on the bridge.

As for the other two catergories, I thought I go for something different with the preserved bus.

Though I admit I could have done better with the Multiples photo.
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