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Go North East: Rare & Odd Workings - January 2017
498`1 on 309/310
(Yesterday, 10:36)Jamie M Wrote: I believe these are both spares for these services, but somebody correct if I stand corrected. You know what I'm like when left to my own thought

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You're correct about 6141, but 6028 on the 21 is loaned from Washington.
(9 hours ago)Jamie M Wrote: [Image: https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/644/316588...cb92_k.jpg](Go North East) NK15ENO / 5401 - Wright Streetlite by Jamie MP, on Flickr
I also noticed this today, although heading down Collingwood Street which got me a bit confused......Has the route been diverted or something?
Connections 4 on 9
636 was on evening short 19s in place of an indigo for some reason
631 was on 11s about 4pm