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Go North East: Rare & Odd Workings - September 2017
4959 I think was operating the X25 at around 1647
4945 replaced 6017 on Newcastle bound x21 around 1630  at Chester LS
(05/09/2017, 20:15)citaro5284 Wrote: That's shocking, whilst a bus is better than no bus, says something when they could not have even use a Streetlite or a Scania.

(9 hours ago)Shrek Wrote: A full 696 was heading into Newcastle on the 21 earlier

Interestingly 696 was on the same run I saw 695 on a few weeks ago, heading into Newcastle from Gateshead just after 5pm.

706 was in Newcastle just before 5pm on the 47.

An unidentified Venture solo was on the X32 at the same time.

Quite a few capacity issues this evening.
5332 58 earlier