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Bygone Era / Archive Re-launch
(05/12/2017, 07:38)Dan Wrote: Don't suppose you've got access to a scanner, Andreos? Really good to include them.

What you will see when all of the content is uploaded again is that this time around we're future-proofing the archive. Adding content now, while it's current, for the future when it may become something people want to see.

Bit like the news. All of the current news is immediately archived and we just build up a massive database of records.

Allows us to cater for everyone too. You may have a specific interest in content around the 1980s, whereas a younger enthusiast on the scene may only be interested in things that they can remember (so say 2010 onwards).

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Yeah, will try and get them scanned. If not today, at some point this week
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