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North East Buses The Canteen Competition Monthly Photo Competition
Monthly Photo Competition: FAQs
Welcome to the Monthly Photo Competition!

What is the Monthly Photo Competition?
Each month, North East Buses management host a competition in which you submit your best photo that suits the month’s given category. Members are given three weeks to enter, and one week to vote, once the photos are released. Voting will close at the end of the month, and the results will subsequently be announced. The winner of the competition is then allowed to choose the following month’s topic.

Are there any rules?
Generally speaking, there aren’t many “rules”, but those rules that we do have are listed below:
- Unless stated otherwise in the forum post for that month, you are only allowed to enter one photo per competition.
- Members must not vote for their own photo in the voting stages. If you vote for your own photo accidentally, please contact a member of the forum’s management team to have your vote changed. If not, your vote will not be counted.
- We politely ask that you do not watermark the image with your name and/or username. To avoid bias results, we would like all images to remain anonymous in the voting stages. If you would like your photo to be watermarked upon its upload to our Social Media websites if it wins, we ask that you include a second watermarked copy of the photo as an attachment in the e-mail upon entering.

How do I enter?
All entries should be sent to northeastbuses@gmail.com. The subject of the e-mail should clearly outline the e-mails purpose (i.e. “Monthly Photo Competition Entry – May 2013”). You must attach your photo to the e-mail, and must also include your site username within the body of the e-mail. Again, as stated above, if you would like your photo to be watermarked if it wins and is subsequently uploaded to our Social Media websites, do attach a second, watermarked copy of the photo also.

What do we get for winning?
Winning images are displayed on our site’s homepage (http://www.northeastbuses.co.uk) and Social Media pages. Points are also given to entrants:
1st Place – 5 Points
2nd Place – 3 Points
3rd Place – 2 Points
Entries that do not place in the “top three” get 1 point.
A leaderboard is displayed here with all past winners and points awarded to entrants.

North East Buses Management