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June 2013 Photo Competition
June 2013 Photo Competition
Chosen by May 2013's Monthly Photo Competition winner, Daniel, the topic for June 2013's Monthly Photo Competition is: "Green".
Although this topic may have seemed more appropriate for last month rather than this month, given that "Catch the Bus Week" was in progress then, Stagecoach Bus are hosting their fifth annual "Stagecoach Green Week" which begins next Monday and runs from 3rd to 7th June. Stagecoach North East also have another reason to celebrate, as bus passengers in Sunderland are set to benefit from cleaner, greener bus journeys thanks to the fourth round of the Green Bus Fund announced by Local Transport Minister Norman Baker.
As such, to enter this month's photo competition, entrants should take a photograph of an eco-friendly bus. There are many examples within the North East alone, so this should be an easy one for everyone to enter!

How do I enter?
All entries should be sent to competitions@northeastbuses.co.uk by 23/06/13. The subject of the e-mail should clearly outline the e-mails purpose (i.e. “Monthly Photo Competition Entry – June 2013”). You must attach your photo to the e-mail, and must also include your site username within the body of the e-mail. Again, as stated above, if you would like your photo to be watermarked if it wins and is subsequently uploaded to our Social Media websites, do attach a second, watermarked copy of the photo also.

For frequently asked questions on the Monthly Photo Competition, do click here.
Because there has only been one entrant (me!) so far, I have decided to extend the time to enter until this evening (at approximately 18:00).
Remember, all you need to do is take a photo of an eco-friendly bus - regardless of operator - and it can be from anywhere in the world! Tongue

competitions@northeastbuses.co.uk - Mark your e-mail with "Monthly Photo Competition". Wink

Good evening everyone. My attempt at increasing the time for members to enter seemingly did not work greatly, though we have had another entrant.

Many thanks to Liam who entered this month's photo competition, as well as myself. We're therefore provided with two similar images, one in the sun and one in the snow! The theme - chosen by last month's photo competition winner Daniel - was "Green".

The poll is available at the top of this thread, and the photos below can be enlarged by clicking them.

Photo 1
[Image: http://oi40.tinypic.com/iqv98n.jpg]

Photo 2
[Image: http://oi44.tinypic.com/k3m5o8.jpg]

Voting will close in seven days (30/06/13) at 19:00. Good luck!

For frequently asked questions on the Monthly Photo Competition, do click here.
Chosen by the May 2013 Monthly Photo Competition winner, Daniel, the topic for this month was "Green". Many thanks to the both entrants, and equally, with thanks to those who voted.

Results -
1st: Photo 1 (Liam) - 7 votes
2nd: Photo 2 (Daniel) - 5 votes

Points -
Liam has gained 5 points, giving an overall total of 8.
Daniel has gained 3 points, giving an overall total of 26.

The topic for July 2013's Monthly Photo Competition will be unveiled tomorrow. The updated leaderboard can be viewed here.
Any word on the July competition, Daniel?
(05/07/2013, 00:16)aureolin Wrote: Any word on the July competition, Daniel?

Still awaiting a response from Liam on the topic. If he doesn't choose one by tonight, I'll come up with one for him!