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North East Buses The Canteen Competition Monthly Photo Competition
Poll: Which photo gets your vote?
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Photo 1
4 23.53%
Photo 2
3 17.65%
Photo 3
1 5.88%
Photo 4
2 11.76%
Photo 5
5 29.41%
Photo 6
2 11.76%
Photo 7
0 0%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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The ALL NEW Monthly Competition
I'm in agreement that Guess the Location could be revived.

If we used open source photos OR simply asked those with Flickr accounts to send 5 photos to the admin and they be randomly used
[Image: seawlj.png]

Hi everyone,

I’m going to run the monthly competition for the foreseeable future, starting from April. It will either be a ‘’Guess the Bus’’ game, where all members can contribute photos, and the score will be recorded, and the winner announced at the end of the month. Or, it could be a ‘’Guess the Location’’, similar to the ‘’Guess the Bus’’, the score will be recorded, and other members can contribute photos. Or it could be the good old ‘’Photo Competition’’, and the same rules will be in place as previously, however, a new email address will be used, and announced when the first competition starts.

For more information, please see this link: http://northeastbuses.co.uk/forum/showth...hp?tid=316

It will start a fresh, and I am sorry I am unable to announce who has won.

The scoring system will be as following:

Photo Competition
1st Place – 5 Points
2nd Place – 3 Points
3rd Place – 2 Points

Guess the Location/Guess the Bus
Correct answer - 3 Points
Contribution to the game (providing a photo) - 1 Point
Then, overall scored will be caluclated and will be as following:
1st Place – 5 Points
2nd Place – 3 Points
3rd Place – 2 Points

All entrants of the Monthly Photo Competition, and anyone who makes a notable contribution to each game will receive a point.