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December Photo Competition 2012
(22/12/2012, 01:02)W179SCU Wrote: Sorted, Daniel.

By the way, next time don't state who's photo it is, people may vote for people they like instead of basing there vote on the pic...

Apologies. Still says I've voted for Photo 4 though... I see the percentages are correct now, which is what truly matters. :-)
Well done to CumbrianJosh, he won this months photo competition... Anyway, well done to everyone who entered!

CumbrianJosh has got 5 points (Overall total = 5)
Brandon has got 3 points (Overall total = 3)
Daniel has got 2 points (Overall total = 2)
W179SCU has got 2 points (Overall total = 2)

The theme for January Photo Competition is ''Your Best Photo of a Coach''
This can be any coach, even the ones major operates own! Send all entries to thomasanderson133@hotmail.co.uk, by the 17th of this month!
Thread Closed