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North East Buses The Canteen Competition Monthly Photo Competition
Poll: Favourite photo.
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Photo 1
2 18.18%
Photo 2
4 36.36%
Photo 3
5 45.45%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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April 2014 Competition: Photo Competition
Hi all,

Apologies about the delay in letting you know about this months competition, totally slipped my mind! Anyway, I've decided the theme for this month can be ''Your Best Photo'', just to get us started. Just send all of your entries to thomasanderson133@yahoo.com, by 21/04/2014, and the voting stage will be in place by 22/04/2014. I hope to get lots of entries this month, which would be much appreciated.

If you have any problems, or questions feel free to view the FAQ thread (http://northeastbuses.co.uk/forum/showth...hp?tid=316), or contact be via PM.

Don't forget to send me your entries.
Well, this months turnout was disappointing to say the least... Thanks to all who entered nevertheless. Poll is at the top of the thread.

Photo 1
[Image: 2w3rmzc.jpg]

Photo 2
[Image: 21b7s0n.jpg]

Photo 3
[Image: 2rw2b0n.jpg]
Well, it's time to announce the winners... Firstly, thanks to all who have voted and entered.

1st Place: Northern156 - Gains 5 Points, giving a overall total of 5 points.
2nd Place: CopperCap40 - Gains 3 Points, giving a overall total of 3 points.
3rd Place: Tom - Gains 2 Points, giving a overall total of 2 points.

Details of next months competition will be available soon.