Arriva North East Fleet Arriva North East's 1328
January 2019 Arriva North East Photograph by jacob peatfield-straw
In order to provide the depot with more flexibility for vehicle allocation; this vehicle has had its "Frequenta" branding, as well as sub-branding for service 64, stripped.
April 2016 Arriva North East Photograph by
This vehicle has received "Frequenta" branding, with sub-branding for service 64.
March 2016 Arriva North East
Ahead of the "Frequenta" brand being launched on service 64 at Belmont, this vehicle has been treated to a partial repaint which sees the removal of the cowhorn from the normal corporate livery.
February 2018 Arriva North East
In a bid to standardise the fleets at Arriva North East and Arriva Yorkshire, the two divisions are undertaking a swap of double-deck vehicle allocations. Arriva North East will receive further VDL DB300/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 vehicles, and will lose the entire batch of ten Volvo B5LH/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 vehicles. The exchange of vehicles suits the business needs of both divisions: it is... see more
February 2016 Arriva North East
This vehicle has moved from Darlington (Under Repair) to Darlington, having returned to service after being refurbished and repainted to "MAX" specification.
February 2016 Arriva North East
Despite forming part of the PVR of "MAX" service X20, this vehicle has received "Quick Links into Newcastle" branding. This generic branding is usually intended for use on spare vehicles, at depots where there are several services to "MAX" specification which provide links to Newcastle City Centre.
February 2017 Arriva North East
Following the completion of repaint and refurbishment to "MAX" specification, this vehicle has returned to service at Jesmond Depot.