Arriva North East Fleet Archive Arriva North East's 1739
June 2020 Arriva North East
This vehicle has been sold for scrap to Alpha Recovery, Weetslade.
April 2016 Arriva North East
Ahead of the "Frequenta" brand being launched on service 64 at Belmont, this vehicle has been treated to a partial repaint which sees the removal of the cowhorn from the normal corporate livery.
April 2018 Arriva North East
Now numbered 3021 within the Arriva Yorkshire fleet, this vehicle's sub-branding for service 2 has now been stripped.
April 2017 Arriva North East
Following the completion of repaint and refurbishment to "MAX" specification, this vehicle has returned to service at Blyth Depot.
April 2017 Arriva North East
This vehicle has moved from Belmont (Reserve) to Belmont (Awaiting Disposal), and will be stripped of spare parts prior to disposal.