Arriva North East Fleet Archive Arriva North East's 2503
November 2015 Arriva North East Photograph by Jordan & Zoe Photographs
This vehicle has been sold to Yorkshire Tiger.
November 2015 Arriva North East
This vehicle has moved from Belmont to Belmont (Awaiting Disposal), though is subject to being reinstated for use during the Durham Lumiere event.
January 2016 Arriva North East
Gateshead Council is closing High Street West from Monday 4th January to Tuesday 5th April 2016, between the junctions of Charles Street and Arthur Street. During this time, service X12 will run directly between Low Fell (The New Cannon Inn) and Newcastle, omitting Gateshead Interchange. Northbound buses (towards Newcastle) will follow their normal route to Low Fell, then operate via Durham Road,... see more
January 2017 Arriva North East
Ahead of the "Frequenta" brand being launched on service 15 at Stockton, this vehicle has been repainted into Arriva's corporate livery, minus the cowhorn.
January 2018 Arriva North East
This vehicle has been repainted into Arriva's 2018 fleet livery.
January 2020 Arriva North East
Following the re-allocation of this vehicle to services 43 and 57/57A as a consequence of service changes, this vehicle has now had its "Frequenta" branding, and sub-branding for services 49/49A, removed.