Arriva North East Fleet Arriva North East's 2820
January 2020 Arriva North East
Due to a PVR increase, this vehicle is now no longer in reserve capacity, and forms part of the main fleet allocation at Belmont.
January 2019 Arriva North East Photograph by Will Swain
As a result of service changes, this vehicle has transferred from Belmont Depot to Darlington.
November 2015 Arriva North East
This vehicle has been fitted with Next Stop Announcement audio-visual display equipment.
February 2018 Arriva North East
Due to poor mechanical condition and lacklustre reliability; this vehicle has been returned to Arriva Yorkshire, where it retains the same fleet number. It was internally refurbished with e-leather seating and repainted into the new Arriva fleet livery, whilst at Thornton Brothers, Ashington.
February 2017 Arriva North East
Following the completion of repaint into Arriva's corporate livery, this vehicle has returned to service at Jesmond Depot.
February 2016 Arriva North East
This vehicle has entered service at Redcar Depot.
February 2016 Arriva North East
Despite forming part of the PVR of "MAX" service X20, this vehicle has received "Quick Links into Newcastle" branding. This generic branding is usually intended for use on spare vehicles, at depots where there are several services to "MAX" specification which provide links to Newcastle City Centre.