Arriva North East Fleet Arriva North East's 4805
January 2020 Arriva North East Photograph by Paul Claxton
To aid flexibility of allocations to "Frequenta" branded services at Darlington; this vehicle has lost its sub-branding for service 2, though retains its "quick links into Darlington" messaging.
February 2018 Arriva North East
In a bid to standardise the fleets at Arriva North East and Arriva Yorkshire, the two divisions are undertaking a swap of double-deck vehicle allocations. Arriva North East will receive further VDL DB300/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 vehicles, and will lose the entire batch of ten Volvo B5LH/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 vehicles. The exchange of vehicles suits the business needs of both divisions: it is... see more
February 2018 Arriva North East
Due to poor mechanical condition and lacklustre reliability; this vehicle has been returned to Arriva Yorkshire, where it retains the same fleet number. It was internally refurbished with e-leather seating and repainted into the new Arriva fleet livery, whilst at Thornton Brothers, Ashington.
February 2017 Arriva North East
This vehicle has received generic "Frequent connections into Redcar" branding.
February 2020 Arriva North East
Following service changes which have resulted in services X7/X8 and X9 all now interworking, this vehicle has lost its sub-branding for service X9 and now carries generic 'Quick links into Newcastle' branding.