Arriva North East Fleet Arriva North East's 7553
October 2018 Arriva North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Due to a decrease in passenger numbers, "MAX" service X12 no longer warrants the use of a double-deck vehicle. As such, this vehicle has transferred from Belmont Depot to Ashington, to be used primarily on "MAX" service X20.
August 2018 Arriva North East Photograph by Ken Weaver
Though intended to be allocated to Ashington Depot longer-term, this vehicle has now entered service at Belmont Depot. It still retains sub-branding for services 202/203 (Leeds - Huddersfield) from its previous use at Arriva Yorkshire.
August 2018 Arriva North East
In order to standardise the Arriva North East and Arriva Yorkshire double-deck fleets, an exchange of these is taking place. Arriva North East will lose four of their VDL Geminis, in exchange for four ADL Enviro 400s. As such; this vehicle, previously with Arriva Yorkshire as their 1915, has arrived at Arriva North East and is now undergoing preparation for service.
November 2016 Arriva North East
This vehicle has transferred from Belmont Depot to Stockton, to provide an additional operational spare vehicle for the Christmas period.
November 2019 Arriva North East
Following contract changes, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain silver base livery. Services 47 and 553 are expected to receive new electric vehicles as part of these contract changes, but as these have a long lead time, a conventional bus will be painted and branded in the interim period.
November 2018 Arriva North East
This vehicle's sub-branding for service 306 has now been removed.
November 2015 Arriva North East
This vehicle is on loan from Redcar Depot to Belmont, for use on Durham Lumiere Park & Ride services.