Fleet 's
September 2008 Go North East Photograph by Carlisle Bus Group
This vehicle has received "Yellow Bus" branding.
August 2008 Go North East Photograph by Peter Barclay
This vehicle has been repainted into a plain yellow base livery.
June 2017 Go North East
Following the entry into service of new Wright Streetlites on "Black Cats" services 2/2A and 39, this vehicle has transferred from Deptford Depot to Chester-le-Street. At Chester-le-Street; this vehicle will be allocated to the Durham County Council home-to-school contract numbered 5030, which was awarded to Go North East on an emergency basis in June 2017. This will allow Dennis... see more
June 2019 Go North East
With route branding across the network being reviewed, services 5 and 50 (currently branded "Whey Aye Five 0") are the next routes to lose route branding. This three-quarter life repaint into Go North East's fleet livery reflects the interworking of service 50 with the 5, the fit in of these services in Go North East's network, and the age of the Scania OmniCity fleet. As such... see more
June 2019 Go North East
This vehicle, previously with East Yorkshire as their fleet number 584, has been acquired on temporary loan.
June 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has now received "Whey Aye Five 0" branding.