Go North East Fleet Go North East's 3997
June 2019 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Following the recent announcement that the Stagecoach operated City Sightseeing tour of Newcastle will not be returning this season, Go North East has decided to launch their own trial operation of a part replacement seasonal open top bus service. As such; this vehicle, which was previously in the East Yorkshire fleet as 883 (897 EYX), has been acquired and numbered 3997 within the Go North East fleet.
November 2010 Go North East
This vehicle has gained "Cobalt Clipper" branding, with sub-branding for services 309 (Newcastle - Blyth) and 310 (Newcastle - North Shields).
November 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has been treated to a partial repaint into Go North East's new corporate livery. The new livery design is a a lot more eye-catching and features a two-tone base livery, with the traditional key colour of red towards the front of the bus, and non-metallic dark blue towards the back. It is thought that further vinyls will be added at a later date, in order to reflect the quality... see more
November 2013 Go North East
Ahead of impending cascade due to the arrival of new Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL vehicles which will see allocation to the "Cobalt Clipper" 309/310 services, this vehicle has been repainted into a light blue base livery. It is expected that the vehicle will transfer to Chester-le-Street Depot, where it will see allocation to "Whey Aye Five 0" service 50.
November 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has entered service at Riverside Depot, and is being trialled on "Tyne Tees Xpress" services X9/X10 (Newcastle - Middlesbrough).