Go North East Fleet Go North East's 5332
January 2018 Go North East Photograph by Peter Barclay
From 28th January 2018, Go North East are making changes to a number of services to improve reliability and to allow new travel opportunities. As part of these service changes; the section of the route on service 9 between Jarrow and North Shields will be replaced by service 5, and, from Jarrow, service 9 will now run to Lukes Lane Estate, via Argyle Street, Lyon Street, Hebburn Town Centre, Hartleyburn Estate and Monkton Lane Estate, replacing this section of services 88/88A. As well as this, from Sunderland, the service will be extended to Murton via New Seaham and Dalton Park, replacing service 61, and offering new cross-town connections. In line with these changes; Go North East are introducing a new brand for the service, entitled "The 9", which this vehicle has now received branding for.
November 2017 Go North East
This vehicle has returned to service at Deptford Depot.
November 2017 Go North East
Prior to returning to service, this vehicle has received Go North East's corporate livery. Unlike other vehicles in Go North East's corporate livery; this vehicle has not been fitted with a tagline or web URL vinyl, nor has it been fitted with advert frames on the side and rear.
November 2017 Go North East
This vehicle has returned to Go North East following internal refurbishment and repaint into Go North East's corporate base livery. It is currently undergoing preparation for service at Saltmeadows Road Depot prior to allocation to Deptford Depot.
September 2017 Go North East
This vehicle has been temporarily withdrawn from service at Riverside Depot and released for internal refurbished and repaint at Bus & Coach World, Blackburn. The extensive refurbishment work includes, but is not limited to, external repaint; deep cleaning of the interior of the vehicle; renewal of floor coverings; cleaning all seat frames and re-trimming seats into leather with USB sockets on the back of every seat; fitting blue accent lighting underneath seats to provide extra light on the gangway; and fitting Next Stop Announcements.
May 2017 Go North East Photograph by Crusader: NK08 MXY, The 9: BJ10 VUS,
Due to a large amount of paint coming off with the vinyls when these were stripped earlier this month, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain red base livery.
May 2017 Go North East Photograph by Tony Kuy
This vehicle has been stripped of its promotional livery for the Cinderella pantomime at Newcastle's Theatre Royal. It wasn't stripped of branding sooner, as it was originally planned to be refurbished in lieu of Mercedes Citaro 0530N/Mercedes Citaro 5292 (NK08 CGO) which had until recently been impounded by the police having been involved in a fatal collision, but this vehicle has now been returned to Go North East.
November 2016 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This Christmas, Theatre Royal panto audiences are invited to join the comedy trio of Danny Adams, Clive Webb and Chris Hayward at the most magical pantomime of them all, Cinderella. As part of a partnership between Go North East and Theatre Royal, Go North East has applied a special livery to this vehicle to promote the pantomime. This bus is the dedicated spare vehicle for "Crusader" service 27, featuring Wi-Fi like the branded allocation. "Crusader" service 27 operates between South Shields and Newcastle City Centre: the terminus of the route is situated on Market Street West, just a short walk away from the Theatre Royal where the Cinderella pantomime performances are being held.
April 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has been fitted with free customer Wi-Fi.
January 2015 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Having mistakenly received "Blaydon Racers" branding, this vehicle has now lost its "Blaydon Racers" branding, and instead carries Go North East's corporate livery. Pending the delivery of new Wright Streetlite vehicles in March; service X66 will have a temporary allocation of four corporate liveried single-deck vehicles, with this vehicle forming part of that temporary allocation, allowing the withdrawal of the articulated Mercedes Citaros, which have been sold to sister Go-Ahead operating company Brighton & Hove.
January 2015 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle has received "Blaydon Racers" branding.
January 2015 Go North East
Ahead of service changes at Riverside Depot next month, this vehicle has lost its "Crusader" branding, having been repainted into a plain red base livery. As part of these changes, the frequency of "Crusader" service 27 will decrease from 10 minutes to 12 minutes to allow for increased running and layover time, thus improving the reliability of this service.
February 2014 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Following the closure of Gateshead and Winlaton depots, this vehicle has been transferred to the brand new Riverside Depot. Riverside Depot replaces the existing depots at Sunderland Road in Gateshead and Winlaton which date back to the days of the tramways.
March 2013 Go North East
This vehicle has received "Crusader" branding.
March 2013 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred from Hexham Depot to Gateshead, where it will be allocated to "Crusader" service 27, displacing the Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown vehicles currently allocated.
December 2012 Go North East
Ahead of the entry into service of new Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 vehicles entering service on "TEN" service 10, this vehicle has been de-branded.
September 2010 Go North East Photograph by Carlisle Bus Group
The colour section of this vehicle's destination display was fitted to the wrong side of the display in build, meaning that the route number was not being displayed in colour. The destination display on this vehicle has now been modified so that the colour route number panel is on the correct side of the display.
August 2010 Go North East
As part of ongoing improvements to the local network of services along the Tyne Valley corridor, service 602 has been withdrawn and replaced by an extended service 10, operating every ten minutes between Newcastle, Metrocentre and Crawcrook, continuing every 20 minutes to Prudhoe, Corbridge and Hexham. In line with these service changes, this vehicle has received "TEN" branding.
August 2010 Go North East Photograph by Northern Bus Photos
After buying Arriva North East's operations from Hexham Depot in March, Go North East has worked closely with stakeholders to improve the service being provided for customers. As part of these improvements, this vehicle has been ordered to upgrade the 602 service, operating between Newcastle and Hexham. Currently devoid of route branding pending service changes later this month, this vehicle has entered service at Hexham Depot, on service 602.
July 2010 Go North East
This vehicle, which carries a plain silver base livery, has arrived into the Go North East fleet, and is currently being prepared for service at Saltmeadows Road Depot. It is of 'Gold Standard' specification; featuring full CCTV coverage and recording, information screens, and comfortable seats for all including priority seating with a wheelchair bay for elderly and disabled customers.
October 2008 Go North East
This vehicle has entered service at Washington Depot on "Silver Arrows" services 2A/2C. Introduced from 26th October 2008; these services have partly replaced the old 73/74 circular services, with the link to Teal Farm in Washington being withdrawn due to low passenger numbers, and replaced by a new Go North East secured service operating under contract to Nexus.
October 2012 Go North East
This vehicle has entered service at Chester-le-Street Depot on "Angel" service 21 (Newcastle - Chester-le-Street - Durham).
October 2012 Go North East
Having been temporarily taken out of service; this vehicle has now been reinstated at Winlaton Depot, to upgrade the "Blaydon Racers" 49 service, allowing the dual-door Wright Renown bodied Volvo B10BLEs currently operating on this service to cascade elsewhere. The vehicle has also been de-branded, so now no longer carries "Red Arrows" branding.
October 2006 Go North East
Having recently been repainted to remove old branding for the 724 service, this vehicle has now received "Twenty One, 24 hour service" branding.