Go North East Fleet Go North East's 6121
June 2020 Go North East Photograph by James Dunkley
From Monday 1 June 2020, in line with guidance from the government, Go North East's bus services will start returning to what can be considered a 'normal' level of service on weekdays (albeit still reduced on weekends), also with some minor changes which had originally been planned to take place from 17 May 2020. As such, this vehicle has now been reinstated at Consett.
April 2020 Go North East
Following completion of all required vehicle re-allocations; this vehicle has been temporarily withdrawn from service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been officially delicensed (SORN'd), enabling Go North East to obtain a tax refund.
April 2019 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle has transferred from Stanley Depot to Hownsgill. After two and a half years of development, the region’s largest bus operator, Go North East opened the doors to its brand new £3.5 million, state-of-the-art Hownsgill Depot in Consett, County Durham, on Friday 15 March 2019. The high-tech operation replaces the company’s Stanley Depot, which it operated from for nearly 100 years. Therefore; most vehicles based at Stanley transferred to Hownsgill on Sunday 7 April, the date from which the new depot commenced operations.
April 2016 Go North East
With the operation of "Red Kite" service 47 transferring to Stanley Depot as part of service changes effective Sunday 17th April 2016, this vehicle has transferred from Riverside Depot to Stanley. This vehicle was originally VOR for annual PSV test, so was unable to transfer in time for the service changes.
May 2015 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle has entered service at Riverside Depot on "Red Kite" service 47 (Newcastle - Blackhall Mill).
May 2015 Go North East
Ahead of its entry into service, this vehicle has received "Red Kite" branding, with sub-branding for service 47 (Newcastle - Blackhall Mill). As part of the company's 2014/15 financial year, Go North East has invested in 10 brand new Wright Streetlite DF/Wright Streetlite Micro-Hybrid vehicles to upgrade "Red Kite" services 45/46. "Toon Link" service 47 will be allocated the recently acquired batch of dealer-stock Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TLs, fleet numbers 6118 to 6121, and it will be re-branded as "Red Kite" to promote the combined frequency operating on the shared corridor between Newcastle and Rowlands Gill.
April 2015 Go North East Photograph by NorthEast England Bus Photos
Ahead of its entry into service, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain red base livery.
April 2015 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle, which carries a white base livery, has arrived into the Go North East fleet, and is currently being prepared for service at Saltmeadows Road Depot. This vehicle, and the other three in the batch, are amongst some of the final dealer stock Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2s available, with the majority of other dealer stock Wright bodied Volvo B9TLs now having been acquired by bus operators up and down the United Kingdom.
August 2010 Go North East
After buying Arriva North East's operations from Hexham Depot in March, Go North East has worked closely with stakeholders to improve the service being provided for customers. As part of these improvements, this vehicle has been ordered to upgrade the 602 service, operating between Newcastle and Hexham. Currently devoid of route branding pending service changes later this month, this vehicle... see more
August 2012 Go North East
This vehicle has entered service at Washington Depot.
August 2018 Go North East
New to Cobra, Isleworth, in May 2013 but lastly operated by Courtney, Bracknell; this vehicle has now been acquired by Go North East, following its return to the lessor (Dawson Group). It has received fleet number 725 at Go North East, and is one of a batch of 8 pre-owned Optare Solos being acquired by Go North East, due to a shortage of minibuses following the award of contracts. This bus, along... see more
August 2020 Go North East
Surplus to requirements at Percy Main over the summer holidays due to the reduced PVR; this vehicle has transferred from Percy Main Depot to Riverside, in order to assist with extra vehicle requirements at Riverside over weekends in August, including the conversion of services 26/27 from single-deck to double-deck and to operate Metro Replacement contracts.