Go North East Fleet Go North East's 6305
October 2020 Go North East
Previously painted in the blue variant of "X-lines" branding; this vehicle has received a partial (back-end) repaint into the two-tone yellow variant of the X-lines livery, for use on services X5/X15 (Shotley Bridge - Consett - Durham), at Thornton's, Ashington.
September 2020 Go North East
Following the entry into service of the Wright Eclipse Gemini 3 bodied Volvo B5TLs at Chester-le-Street, this vehicle has transferred from Chester-le-Street Depot to Consett. At Consett; it will be allocated to services X5/X15 (Shotley Bridge - Consett - Durham), which are being upgraded to "X-lines" specification. The vehicles will be repainted in due course, although for now will be allocated whilst branded for the X21 service.
June 2020 Go North East Photograph by VDyLan Transport Photography
From Monday 1 June 2020, in line with guidance from the government, Go North East's bus services will start returning to what can be considered a 'normal' level of service on weekdays (albeit still reduced on weekends), also with some minor changes which had originally been planned to take place from 17 May 2020. As such, this vehicle has transferred from Consett Depot to Chester-le-Street.
May 2020 Go North East
With an expected announcement from the UK Government on Sunday 10 May to relax some of the current "lockdown" restrictions in the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which could lead to an increased number of passengers travelling on Go North East's bus services, further re-allocations and service allocation revisions are being made, in order to increase social distancing on-board Go North East's bus services. This will include double-deck buses being allocated to services ordinarily allocated single-decks, and single-deck buses being allocated to those services which had been temporarily allocated minibuses for the duration of the crisis. Therefore this vehicle has transferred from Riverside Depot to Consett.
March 2020 Go North East Photograph by kieron mathews
On March 23 2020, Boris Johnson placed the country on "lockdown", enforcing rules on people only leaving the house to shop for necessities, to exercise once a day, for medical needs or to provide care, or to travel to and from work (if they can't work from home). Shops, pubs, restaurants and theatres have all been closed, as well as mass gatherings being banned, schools being closed, and sporting events being cancelled. Therefore, further changes were made to bus timetables from Saturday 28 March, reflecting a mass reduction in customer demand for buses. As part of these timetable revisions; Chester-le-Street, Percy Main and Washington Depots were temporarily 'mothballed' with services operated out of key depots Consett, Deptford (including Peterlee outstation) and Riverside (including Hexham outstation) only. Therefore, this vehicle has transferred from Chester-le-Street Depot to Riverside.
October 2019 Go North East Photograph by Tony Kuy
This vehicle has received branding for "X-lines" service X21. X-lines is a new concept introduced by Go North East to set apart limited-stop routes from local bus services, with the buses featuring an eye-catching metallic gold base livery. Each group of services will feature a different colour rear, with plum used on services X6/X7 and X20 earlier in the year, and blue used for the X21. Although the iconic "Castles Express" brand will dissolve as a result of this re-brand, there will still be a nod to the magnificent castles along the route, by being included within the X-lines 'skyline' on the external branding, photographs included on the stringer panel internally, as well as commentary about these attractions on the audio announcements.
September 2019 Go North East Photograph by Guy Park-Royal
This vehicle has lost its branding for "The Castles Express", having been repainted into a four-colour base livery, comprising of gold and blue colours. Service X21 is the next route to undergo the makeover into the new "X-lines" specification.
September 2019 Go North East
The Crook outstation is being closed, therefore all operations of service X21 are being transferred from Crook Depot to Chester-le-Street. As such, this vehicle has also transferred from Crook Depot to Chester-le-Street.
March 2016 Go North East Photograph by Matthew Jimmison
This vehicle has entered service at Crook Depot, on "The Castles Express" services X21 and X46.
February 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has received "The Castles Express" branding. "The Castles Express" will become the new brand name for service X21, replacing "Pronto". The X21 service links Newcastle, Chester-le-Street, Durham and Bishop Auckland, all of which have prominent historic castles.
February 2016 Go North East
This vehicle, which carries a two-tone blue base livery, has arrived into the Go North East fleet. It is currently being prepared for service at Saltmeadows Road Depot. Representing an investment of over £1.5m, this batch of vehicles are believed to be in line to upgrade "Pronto" services X21 and X46. These vehicles feature the latest technology, and are fitted with Daimler 4-cylinder, 5.1-litre OM934 Euro-6 Emission compliant engines. Internally; they feature Esteban Civic V3 seating complete with e-leather; four tables on the upper saloon; two-colour Tarabus 'Wood Effect' flooring; and blue accent lighting, which is fitted underneath seats, to provide extra light on the gangway.
November 2019 Go North East
Replaced in the fleet at Riverside by similarly-aged Optare Versas, this vehicle has now been withdrawn from service at Riverside.
November 2016 Go North East
Following service changes taking place on Sunday 6th November 2016 which saw the operation of service 9 (Sunderland - North Shields) transfer from Percy Main Depot to Deptford, this vehicle has transferred from Percy Main Depot to Washington, acting as a dedicated spare vehicle for "Whey Aye Five 0" services 5 and 50, providing fleet standardisation at Washington Depot and a consistent... see more
November 2016 Go North East
Ahead of the impending arrival of Scania N94UD/East Lancs OmniDekka 6146 (YN55 NFE); this vehicle has transferred from Crook Depot to Chester-le-Street, where it will allow Dennis Trident/East Lancs Lolyne 3872 (W182 SCU) to be withdrawn.
November 2019 Go North East
In order to provide greater capacity on the "Metrocentre Mini" M6/M7/M8 routes, and to combat some of the recent reliability issues, this vehicle has transferred from Deptford Depot to Riverside.