Go North East Fleet Go North East's 7107
August 2020 Go North East Photograph by Richard Covey
This vehicle has transferred to Brighton & Hove, on temporary loan, due to their requirement for coaches, to be used on scholars services and rail replacement. It has received fleet number 520 at Brighton & Hove.
August 2020 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle has been permanently withdrawn from service at Go North East, and is being prepared for its disposal from the fleet, including all National Express vinyls being stripped.
April 2020 Go North East
Following completion of all required vehicle re-allocations; this vehicle has been temporarily withdrawn from service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been officially delicensed (SORN'd), enabling Go North East to obtain a tax refund.
November 2013 Go North East
Six new "National Express" liveried Caetano Levante bodied Volvo B9Rs have arrived at Chester-le-Street depot for use within the Coaching Unit. They have been allocated the following fleet numbers: 7105 (BF63 ZPV), 7106 (BF63 ZPW), 7107 (BF63 ZPY), 7108 (BF63 ZPZ), 7109 (BF63 ZRA), and 7110 (BF63 ZRC). The entry into service of these vehicles has allowed the five similar vehicles on temporary loan - 9125 (FJ11 GJO), 9126 (FJ11 GJU), 9127 (FJ11 GKP), 9128 (FJ11 GKU) and 9129 (FJ11 GLK) - to be returned.
September 2017 Go North East
Though intended to be allocated to services X9/X10 (Newcastle - Middlesbrough) from Monday 11th September 2017, this vehicle has entered service at Riverside Depot on a special service operating for the Great North Run.
September 2018 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred from Chester-le-Street Depot to Crook, to operate service 18 (Woodhouse Close – Cockton Hill Road - Bishop Auckland – Canney Hill - Coundon).
September 2008 Go North East
This vehicle has received "Yellow Bus" branding.
September 2008 Go North East
This vehicle has received "Yellow Bus" branding.