Go North East Fleet Go North East's 723
October 2018 Go North East Photograph by Dynamo: 5307, 5332
With "Hadrian's Wall" branded Optare Solo SR M890/Optare 635 (NK61 FJP) having now transferred to Washington as originally intended, this vehicle has returned to service at Hexham following temporary transfer to Washington.
September 2018 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred from Hexham Depot to Washington, in order to provide driver changeover transport for a month-long Metro Replacement contract. From Monday 1st October 2018 to Saturday 3rd November, no trains will run between Chichester and South Shields. This is to allow for track and signal upgrades for the new South Shields Interchange, due to open in 2019. Go North East has been awarded the contract to operate Metro Replacement bus service number 900 for the duration of the line closure. It was originally planned for "Hadrian's Wall" branded Optare Solo SR M890/Optare 635 (NK61 FJP) to transfer from Hexham to Washington for this purpose, following the end of the seasonal AD122 service.
September 2018 Go North East Photograph by kieron mathews
Following brief use at Riverside Depot, this vehicle has now transferred from Riverside Depot to Hexham. This should allow the withdrawal of the final Dennis MPD/Alexander Mini Pointer vehicle in the fleet, 619 (NK55 RUW), to be withdrawn from service at Hexham.
September 2018 Go North East Photograph by Jamie OLD ACCOUNT HAHA
Following the cascade of Optare Solo M710SE/Optare 706 (WK58 EAE) and 707 (WK58 EAF) to Washington Depot, which will be the new minibus allocation for Nexus-secured service 23, this vehicle has transferred from Washington Depot to Riverside. It is intended for this vehicle to transfer onward to Hexham Depot, where it originated prior to the temporary transfers taking place earlier this year.
July 2018 Go North East Photograph by Lee Calder
This vehicle has transferred from Hexham Depot to Washington; where it will be allocated to the recently awarded 23 service contract, operating between Washington Galleries and Barley Mow Estate, via Birtley. The allocation of this vehicle to Washington - as well as similar 718 (YJ62 FMA) which has temporarily entered service at Washington rather than Peterlee as intended - is pending delivery of new minibuses for Durham County Council contracts, and subsequent re-allocations of the existing vehicles allocated to these services to Washington.
July 2018 Go North East Photograph by kieron mathews
This vehicle has now entered service at Hexham Depot, which will allow for the immediate withdrawal of Dennis MPD/Alexander Mini Pointer 618 (NK55 RUV).
June 2018 Go North East Photograph by A&LSP8
Prior to entering service; this vehicle has received "Tynedale Links" branding, and has also been fitted with free customer Wi-Fi.
June 2018 Go North East Photograph by A&LSP8
Prior to entering service, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain yellow and blue base livery.
June 2018 Go North East Photograph by emdjt42
New to Lewis' of Llangeitho in September 2013; this vehicle has now been acquired by Go North East, following its return to the lessor (Dawson Group). It has received fleet number 723 at Go North East, and is one of a batch of 8 pre-owned Optare Solos being acquired by Go North East, due to a shortage of minibuses following the award of contracts. This example, which has seatbelts, is expected to be allocated to Hexham Depot once it has been prepared for service, as a replacement vehicle for one of the two Dennis MPD/Alexander Mini Pointer vehicles at Hexham. This will allow flexibility of allocations, with scholars contracts at Hexham requiring the allocation of buses with seatbelts. Its preparation for service will include removal of Mobitec LED destination displays and fitment of Go North East's standard Hanover LED displays.
January 2007 Go North East
Prior to new branding being launched, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain pink base livery.
January 2014 Go North East
Following transfer to Washington Depot to operate "South Tyne" services 88/88A, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain lilac base livery.
January 2019 Go North East
In May 2018, Nexus offered a new tender opportunity to operators in the North East of England, to operate the daytime "Sunderland Connect" 700 and evening 701 services. The tender is designed to promote and continue the public transport links in Sunderland between Park Lane, Clanny House, City Campus, Park Lane, Aquatic Centre, St Peters Campus, West Sunniside and Park Lane, to offer... see more
January 2015 Go North East
Ahead of service changes in Sunderland due to commence later this month which will see "Silver Arrows" services 2A/2C and "SimpliCity" service 42 merged to form one service, being allocated thirteen "SimpliCity" branded Optare Versas, this vehicle has lost its "SimpliCity" branding, prior to its transfer out of Deptford Depot.