Go North East Fleet Go North East's 724
May 2019 Go North East
In line with service changes and the introduction of new brand identities, there were a large number of vehicle re-allocations which took place on Sunday 19 May, the significance of which have been likened to the South Shields and Bishop Auckland depot closures in 2005 and 2006 respectively. This vehicle has transferred from Crook Depot to Percy Main. Due to its non-standard interior and lower-specification seats, this vehicle should only be allocated to the Nexus-secured Whitley Bay local W1/W1A contracted services.
September 2018 Go North East Photograph by aptyldsley
This vehicle has transferred from Chester-le-Street Depot to Crook, to operate service 18 (Woodhouse Close – Cockton Hill Road - Bishop Auckland – Canney Hill - Coundon).
September 2018 Go North East Photograph by Ken Weaver
Though intended to be allocated to Crook Depot to operate service 18, this vehicle has entered service at Chester-le-Street Depot.
August 2018 Go North East Photograph by emdjt42
Prior to entering service, this vehicle has been repainted into Go North East's corporate livery. This example carries the tagline "Stay Connected | Many of our buses have free WiFi on board".
August 2018 Go North East
New to Cobra, Isleworth, in May 2013 but lastly operated by Courtney, Bracknell; this vehicle has now been acquired by Go North East, following its return to the lessor (Dawson Group). It has received fleet number 724 at Go North East, and is one of a batch of 8 pre-owned Optare Solos being acquired by Go North East, due to a shortage of minibuses following the award of contracts. This bus, along with similar 725, will be allocated to Crook Depot following preparation for service, to be allocated to service 18, releasing the Optare Versas temporarily allocated to Crook back to their home depots.
September 2008 Go North East
Following a recent repaint, this vehicle has received National Express fleet names.
September 2018 Go North East
Following changes to Nexus Miscellaneous Works and scholars contracts, which has seen Go North East being awarded with over 70 of the available contracts, this vehicle has been allocated to Riverside Depot.
September 2018 Go North East
Alongside sister 5487 (HW07 CXY); as well as primarily acting as a spare vehicle for "Connections4" service 4 (serving as a replacement vehicle for Scania CN230UB/Scania Omnicity 5263 (NK56 KJY) in the fleet which had transferred to Percy Main at the start of September), this vehicle will also be allocated to newly-awarded Nexus Miscellaneous Works contracts operating from the depot. It... see more
September 2017 Go North East
Presently unbranded; this vehicle has returned to service at Hexham Depot, where it will see allocation to "Tynedalexpress" services X84/X85. As part of the upgrade, the branding design is intended to be changed compared to the current "Tynedalexpress" branded Scania L94UB/Wright Solar vehicles.