Go North East Fleet Archive Go North East's 9086
February 2018 Go North East
Following temporary loan to Go North East, this vehicle has now been returned to Optare.
January 2018 Go North East Photograph by Matt D Williamson
Although originally intended to transfer in-line with the operation of the Durham Cathedral Bus contract to Chester-le-Street, it was temporarily retained to cover minibus vehicle shortages at Stanley. It has now transferred to Chester-le-Street to continue operating the Durham Cathedral Bus 40/40A/40B services, and has temporarily been swapped for Optare Solo M710SE/Optare 708 (WK58 EAG).
December 2017 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle has entered service at Stanley Depot on Cathedral Bus services 40/40A/40B.
December 2017 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Although Go North East's fleet comprises of a sizeable number of 90 Optare Solos; Go North East has now received this demonstrator vehicle, which has been numbered 9086 in the fleet. It is the first Euro 6 Optare Solo to feature a Cummins engine, serving as a prototype demonstration model for Optare. It is also the 'SlimLine' version of the Optare Solo (slightly 'slimmer' than the standard Solo, at 2350mm opposed to 2500mm), with both of these features being unique to the Go North East fleet. The SlimLine model is particularly popular across town, rural and access applications; and as such, the vehicle will be allocated to the newly-received Cathedral Bus contract during its short stay at Go North East. The Cathedral Bus Durham County Council contract, awarded for four years from October 2017 with the possibility of a one-year extension, was won by Go North East on the basis of provision of two new Euro 6 minibuses, with the agreed interim temporary allocation of Euro 5 ex-Plymouth Citybus Optare Solo M710SE examples, new in 2009.
January 2015 Go North East
Ahead of service changes in Sunderland due to commence later this month which will see "Silver Arrows" services 2A/2C and "SimpliCity" service 42 merged to form one service, being allocated thirteen "SimpliCity" branded Optare Versas, this vehicle has lost its "SimpliCity" branding, prior to its transfer out of Deptford Depot.
January 2016 Go North East
This vehicle has received The Big Lemon's corporate livery at Marden Commercials, prior to arriving into their fleet.
January 2020 Go North East
Previously a float/reserve vehicle; this vehicle now forms part of the main fleet allocation at Riverside, following the end of the Ferry Replacement contract which it was operating previously.
January 2014 Go North East
This vehicle has entered service at Deptford Depot on "Fab Fifty Six" service 56 (Sunderland - Newcastle).