Go North East Fleet Go North East's 9089
July 2018 Go North East Photograph by aptyldsley
This vehicle has now entered service at Washington Depot on the recently awarded 23 service contract, operating between Washington Galleries and Barley Mow Estate, via Birtley. Although the vehicle was supplied to Go North East pending delivery of the new Euro 6 Optare Solo SRs for Chester-le-Street Depot; at 9.25m in length, this vehicle is too long to be allocated to the Cathedral Bus services, which is why it has instead been allocated to Washington to operate the new Nexus contract for service 23 in the Birtley area, which also runs onto peak-time Team Valley workers' services 90 and 933. Recently acquired Solos 718 (YJ62 FMA) and 723 (YD63 UZC) had temporarily been allocated to Washington from Sunday 22nd July 2018 for this purpose originally, though the additional work has also put a strain on spare minibuses at Washington, so this allocation temporarily releases 718 (YJ62 FMA) to be a spare minibus for Washington.
July 2018 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
This vehicle has received Go North East fleet names and has been prepared for service at Saltmeadows Road Depot. It has now been allocated to Washington Depot where it will undergo further preparation for service.
July 2018 Go North East Photograph by Daniel Graham
Last October, changes were made to Durham County Council contracts. This saw the operation of the Durham Cathedral Bus 40/40A/40B services, previously operated by Stanley Travel, pass to Go North East to operate for the next four years, with the possibility of a year-long extension depending on contract performance. Further changes were made to Durham County Council contracts in January 2018, which also saw Go North East be awarded the Chester-le-Street Town Service contract, numbered 700/701/702/703, also encompassing scholars service 876, which had previously been operated by independent firm Scarlet Band. Temporarily, three out of the four Optare Solo M710SE vehicles acquired from Plymouth Citybus in February 2017 were allocated to Stanley Depot (and latterly Chester-le-Street) to operate these services, pending delivery of three brand new Euro 6 examples from Optare. The production of these minibuses has been delayed at Optare, so they have provided this former demonstrator bus to Go North East as a courtesy vehicle, pending delivery of the new minibuses. It has been allocated fleet number 9089 for the duration of its stay in the fleet.
September 2006 Go North East
This vehicle has received "The Highwayman" branding. This brand identity encompasses services 95/96 (Newcastle - Gateshead - Lobley Hill - Dunston - MetroCentre), 97 (Newcastle - Gateshead - Lobley Hill - Whickham - Fellside Park - Swalwell - MetroCentre) and 98/X98 (Whickham - Newcastle). The brand refers to a legend from the Lobley Hill area, where all of these services operate. The... see more
September 2006 Go North East
Prior to new branding being launched, this vehicle has been repainted into Go North East's new red, yellow and blue 'swoop-style' fleet livery.
September 2011 Go North East
This vehicle, which carries a grey and red base livery, has arrived into the Go North East fleet, and is currently being prepared for service at Saltmeadows Road Depot. Due to a problem at the DVLA with registering this vehicle, and the introduction of the new '61' mark registration plates from September, it has been allocated a new registration mark (NK61 DBY) and has surrendered its... see more
September 2006 Go North East
Having recently been repainted, this vehicle has now received "Saltwell Park" branding for services 53/54, which operate a circular service between Newcastle City Centre, Gateshead and Saltwell Park.