Go North East Fleet Archive Go North East's 9092
November 2017 Go North East
Following a demonstration period at Go North East, this vehicle has been returned to Wrightbus.
November 2017 Go North East
Following the transfer of Wright Streetlite WF/Wright Streetlite 9101 (SK65 PWV) from Washington Depot to Chester-le-Street to operate "Lambton Worm" services 34/34A, this vehicle has transferred from Chester-le-Street Depot to Washington in lieu. It will see allocation to "Connections4" service 4, to evaluate suitability of this vehicle type on the service and to compare against the present Mercedes Citaro 0530N/Mercedes Citaro allocation.
November 2017 Go North East Photograph by R855 PRG
This vehicle has entered service at Chester-le-Street Depot on "Lambton Worm" services 34/34A.
November 2017 Go North East
Although Go North East already has a large number of Wright Streetlite Max Micro-Hybrid vehicles in its fleet; these vehicles all have the second version of Wrightbus' Micro-Hybrid system, which achieves 11% fuel and CO2 savings when added to a standard Euro 6 diesel engine. Version 3 of the Micro-Hybrid system, which is fitted to this vehicle, includes an additional third smart alternator, electric air compressor and stop/start engine technology, delivering an additional 10% saving (totalling a 21% fuel and CO2 saving). To evaluate suitability of this version of the Micro-Hybrid system, and to assist with vehicle shortages while mechanical work is undertaken on the Crook-based Wright StreetDecks, this vehicle will be allocated to Chester-le-Street Depot and used on "Lambton Worm" services 34/34A, to release a double-deck vehicle to Crook.
November 2010 Go North East
To simplify the services on the Coast Road corridor, services 75/76 will be withdrawn from 13th November 2010. Between Newcastle and North Shields, the services will be replaced by a brand new 310 service, operating every every 15 minutes and serving Coast Road, High Farm, Battle Hill, Middle Engine Lane, Norham Road, Verne Road and Meadow Well. Combined with the existing "Cobalt... see more
November 2018 Go North East
To provide Deptford Depot with an additional minibus over the winter season; following the end of the month-long Metro Replacement contract in operation at Washington Depot, this vehicle has transferred to Deptford following fitment of a vandal screen at the Saltmeadows Road bodyshop facility.
November 2006 Go North East
Prior to new branding being launched, this vehicle has been repainted into a plain lime green base livery.
November 2017 Go North East
Following the demonstration of two Mercedes Benz/Sprinter City 45 vehicles, 9095 (BT15 KLZ) and 9097 (BT66 TZM), earlier this year, Go North East has acquired a further minibus for demonstration trials. This example is designed and built by the UK-based Mellor Coachcraft. The vehicle's lightweight design and construction methodology coupled with an efficient sprinter drive train equals a... see more