Go North East Fleet Archive Go North East's 9158
July 2010 Go North East
This vehicle has been returned to Dawson Rentals, without entering service, due to a major defect with the vehicle's engine.
July 2010 Go North East Photograph by Northern Bus Photos
Pending delivery of nine yellow Optare Versas, with engines to the state of the art Euro V EEV (Enhanced Environmental Vehicle) specification, which are to be deployed on the recently awarded "QuayLink" contract (which was previously operated by Stagecoach North East with Designline Olymbus diesel-electric hybrid vehicles manufactured in New Zealand), this vehicle has arrived at Saltmeadows Road Depot, and is currently undergoing preparation for service. The operation of "QuayLink" services Q1/Q2 transfers on 18th July 2010, which is when this vehicle will enter service.
October 2017 Go North East
Due to the closure of Blaydon Bank between Shibdon Road and Widdrington Road from Saturday 21 until Wednesday 25 October, buses will be unable to run to normal route and will be diverted for the period of the works. During this time a shuttle bus will be serving the areas which cannot be served by services 12/12A, 49, 69 and 90 for the duration of the works. This vehicle has transferred from... see more
October 2015 Go North East
This vehicle has transferred from Riverside Depot to Stanley, where it will see allocation to the revised "Toon Link" X30/X31 services.
October 2015 Go North East
Recent service changes have seen the PVR of the "Red Kite" 45/46 services increase by one vehicle, and to allow the "Red Kite" branded allocation to be carry consecutive fleet numbers (5409 - 5418), 5409 (NK15 ENY) was transferred from Chester-le-Street Depot to Stanley and this vehicle was transferred from Stanley Depot to Chester-le-Street in exchange.
October 2015 Go North East
This vehicle has received modifications at Thornton Brothers, Ashington, and as such is now DDA-compliant. This means that this vehicle does not need to be withdrawn from service prior to 1 January 2016 (like all other non-DDA compliant single deckers).