Stagecoach North East Fleet Stagecoach North East's 19432
November 2017 Stagecoach North East Photograph by emdjt42
This vehicle has received an allover wrap advertisement for Megabus, a long distance coach operator operated by the Stagecoach Group.
March 2017 Stagecoach North East Photograph by topsweep1506
In line with the liquidation of the "Club 22" brand, this vehicle has been repainted into Stagecoach's corporate livery.
March 2016 Stagecoach North East Photograph by Steven Hodgson, John Soutar and Mark McCann
This vehicle has received the superhero variation of Stagecoach's new "Club 22" branding, for service 22.
January 2017 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle has been sold to a private buyer, and is currently being stored at Tyneside Heritage Vehicles' facility in Felling for storage.
January 2016 Stagecoach North East
Following the return of Dennis Trident 2/Alexander Enviro 400 19675 (NK60 DOA) at Walkergate Depot having been loaned to Stagecoach East Scotland, this vehicle has moved from Walkergate to Walkergate (Reserve), as a replacement for MAN 18.220LF/Alexander ALX300 22462 (T462 BNL) which was withdrawn from service last month as this vehicle does not comply with DDA / PSVAR regulations.
January 2020 Stagecoach North East
Whilst vehicles from the Stagecoach Highlands fleet undergo MOT work (carried out by Stagecoach North East), this vehicle has transferred from Stagecoach North East to Stagecoach Highlands on temporary loan.
January 2009 Stagecoach North East
Having previously carried remnants of its original branding for service 1, this vehicle has now had all remaining branding removed.