Stagecoach North East Fleet Stagecoach North East's 19643
May 2019 Stagecoach North East
Following the transfer of the X34 service from South Shields to Sunderland, this vehicle has also transferred with the service.
October 2015 Stagecoach North East Photograph by Matt D Williamson
This vehicle has gained branding for service X34 (Newcastle - Harton Nook), sporting the tagline, "more, more, more with your X34..."
October 2016 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle has entered service at Slatyford Depot.
October 2017 Stagecoach North East
As part of a fleet-wide scheme to standardise the Stagecoach North East fleet in one single livery; this vehicle has been repainted into Stagecoach's corporate livery, losing its sub-branding for services E1/E2/E6 as a result.
October 2019 Stagecoach North East
Purchased as part of an £80 million investment by Stagecoach in the 2019/20 financial year, this vehicle has been delivered to the Stockton depot by the manufacturer.
October 2015 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle has moved from Sunderland (Reserve) to Walkergate (Driver Training), and will see use as a route learning vehicle. Its destination displays have been removed in favour of new vinyls being added.