Stagecoach North East Fleet Stagecoach North East's 27736
May 2019 Stagecoach North East
Following the transfer of the E1, E2 and E6 services from South Shields to Sunderland, this vehicle has transferred to Sunderland.
January 2018 Stagecoach North East Photograph by Tony Kuy
This vehicle has lost its branding for services E1/E2/E6, having been repainted into Stagecoach's corporate livery.
February 2018 Stagecoach North East
As part of a fleet-wide scheme to standardise the Stagecoach North East fleet in one single livery, this vehicle has been repainted into Stagecoach's corporate livery.
February 2017 Stagecoach North East
Following service revisions at Sunderland which saw the PVR of the network reduce, this vehicle has transferred from Sunderland Depot to Slatyford.
February 2020 Stagecoach North East
In January 2020, Stagecoach Group unveiled a brand new look for its buses, with a commitment to simplify, modernise and enhance its customer experience. Taking on board feedback from customers, the Stagecoach created a new simplified and clearly colour coded design for its various bus services to make it easier and instantly recognisable for passengers to identify their required service,... see more
February 2016 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle has been sold for preservation to Alan Fordy, a member of The 500 Group.