Stagecoach North East Fleet Archive Stagecoach North East's 34550
October 2017 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle has been sold to Thandi Transport, Birmingham.
June 2017 Stagecoach North East
Following the cascade of Dennis Dart SLF 4/Alexander Enviro 200s 36461 - 36467 to Hartlepool Depot from South Shields, this vehicle has been withdrawn from service at Hartlepool Depot (though officially listed as 'reserve' vehicles pending disposal).
October 2015 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle has moved from Hartlepool to Hartlepool (Reserve).
January 2009 Stagecoach North East Photograph by EYBusman
Having previously carried remnants of its original branding for service 1, this vehicle has now had all remaining branding removed.
August 2007 Stagecoach North East
In line with service changes taking place in August 2007, this vehicle has had its branding modified with references to 'James Cook Hospital' being stripped.
May 2004 Stagecoach North East Photograph by Gary Mitchelhill
This vehicle has entered service at Hartlepool Depot, seeing primary allocation to service 1.
May 2004 Stagecoach North East
Prior to entering service; this vehicle has received branding for service 1, which operates up to every 30 minutes between Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and James Cook Hospital.
May 2004 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle, which carries Stagecoach's corporate livery, has arrived into the Stage North East fleet. It is currently being prepared for service at Hartlepool Depot, and forms part of a batch of 20 new vehicles for Stagecoach North East. Internally, this vehicle features individual Lazzerini Practico 3845 seats in blue Stagecoach seat moquette, while externally this vehicle is equipped with flipdot destinations as supplied by Hanover Displays.
February 2018 Stagecoach North East
As part of a fleet-wide scheme to standardise the Stagecoach North East fleet in one single livery, this vehicle has been repainted into Stagecoach's corporate livery.
February 2017 Stagecoach North East
Following service revisions at Sunderland which saw the PVR of the network reduce, this vehicle has transferred from Sunderland Depot to Slatyford.
February 2020 Stagecoach North East
Purchased as part of an £80 million investment by Stagecoach in the 2019/20 financial year, this vehicle has been delivered to the Walkergate depot by the manufacturer.
February 2016 Stagecoach North East
This vehicle has been sold for preservation to Alan Fordy, a member of The 500 Group.