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Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 15 Dec 2016

With a number of partnership areas constantly reviewing options and contracts (particularly in Yorkshire) and the usual tenders coming up for renewal or discussion, I thought it would be worth while setting up a dedicated thread for discussion there.

Obviously this has the benefits of not clogging up threads and enables forum users to keep an eye on discussion relating to tenders, rather than it getting lost amongst discussion about new vehicles.

To start, I have spotted this contract in Derbyshire, that runs over in to Nottinghamshire.

18 lots are available, across the county - all requiring vehicles of 16 seats or more.

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 10 Jan 2017

Bournemouth Air Festival have opened their tender for the P&R sites that will be in use across 4 days.

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 20 Jan 2017

Leicestershire Council are offering a 3 year contract (potential to upgrade to 7) between Market Harborough and Farndon Fields.

30 min frequency Mon-Sat. 60 min on Sundays.

Anticipated start date will be in May.

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 22 Jan 2017

Further opportunities in Derbyshire

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 31 May 2017

Cambridgeshire County Council are inviting quotations regarding the Market Research required to support the 'Cambourne to Cambridge Better Bus Journeys' scheme.

A business case was produced in September last year. This is available to view online.

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - GuyParkRoyal - 01 Nov 2017

Translink are seeking tenders for Photography & Video Services.

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 08 Dec 2017

Wolverhampton Council are tendering for a review of their 'Strategic Transport Study - Northern Triangle Major Investment Zone'.
Which includes a review of the existing transport links.

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 09 May 2018

An interesting one from our cousins in Bradford.

RE: Tender Discussion Thread - Elsewhere - Andreos1 - 15 Jul 2018

Tfl have put an interesting tender out.

Quote:Now referred to as: Safer Bus Driving Training for Bus Drivers and Bus Driving Instructors. In his new Transport Strategy, just published , the Mayor has made clear that loss of life and serious injuries on London’s roads are neither acceptable nor inevitable. TfL has now adopted Vision Zero for London, with a target of zero deaths or serious injuries by 2041. For buses we have even more ambitious targets: 1. 70% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured in, or by, buses by 2022 (against 2005-09 baseline) 2. No one killed in, or by, a bus by 2030 TfL applies a Safe System approach to delivering Vision Zero, based on the acceptance that, while we must minimise mistakes, there will always be the chance of human error. Our job therefore, is to make the whole system as safe as possible so that when a road user, for example a pedestrian or cyclist, does make a mistake, this mistake does not result in serious or fatal injury. Enhanced bus driver training is a key component of the Safe System and recent research has shown that, in particular, this should cover detecting pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, anticipating other road users’ behaviour and hazard perception training. To be effective this training must be significantly different to the classroom-based safety training drivers already receive. The scope of this procurement includes: A. Design of an engaging and impactful one-day safer bus driving training course for bus drivers 2 / 5 B. Design and delivery of c8-12 train-the trainer courses so the safer bus driving training course can bedelivered by the bus operators’ classroom based trainers (circa 80) to the drivers. C. Design and delivery of 10-15 interactive one-day safer bus driving workshops to bus driving instructors (circa220) who are based in bus training vehicles. D. Provision and maintenance of technology-enabled training aids, such as Virtual Reality throughout theprogramme. E. Manage the programme and provide ongoing trainer and technology support throughout.

Obviously this will be in addition to any other training drivers are required to carry out.