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All Things Water! - Dan - 01 Mar 2013

Hello everyone. March 1st has been quite an eventful day indeed! As many of you will know, March 1st is the day that marks both Saint David's Day for the Welsh communities and Self Harm Awareness Day which I do believe is a national event. In addition to that, North East Buses are using this date to mark a very special occasion indeed: the introduction of the "All Things Water" sub-forum!

Admittedly, this sub-forum had previously existed in the opening stages of the site, but was removed due to the inactivity of it. Having discussed the matter with the administration team, we have come to a joint decision to reinstate this sub-forum - starting completely fresh (hence why we are saying that "All Things Water" was founded in March 2013)!

We believe at this early stage that the primary thread that will see active use in this sub-forum will be the "Shields Ferry" thread, but we hope that this will develop over time as we attract several other transport enthusiasts to the group and more opportunities for discussion of boats will arise. As the site's main focus is buses, they may be discouraged against joining, but only time will tell!

I now hand over the sub-forum to you guys! Enjoy.