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Full Version: Ferry mapping
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I can't sleep and I was checking over the train mapping thread. The initial plan was to knock up some sort of map, to see if there were any patterns or trends.

I think I've kept mine up to date incase I (or anyone else, I'm not precious) decide to actually do the map.

Anyway, it got me thinking about ferry and plane mapping and if there were any similar trends.

I'll start:

North Shields - Bergen
North Shields - Gothenburg
North Shields - Esbjerg
North Shields - Ijmuiden
North Shields - South Shields 

Cairnryan - Belfast 

Gourock - Dunoon
Gourock - Hunters Quay

Hull - Rotterdam

Dover - Calais

Poole - Guernsey

(various ferry's around the fjords in Norway, no idea what half the places were called, never mind the way they are spelt!) 

I think thats them all. If I remember any others or have any other trips, I'll add them. 

Feel free to add your own.
I've done
North Shields-Ijmuiden

and a few oddballs in Canada that I can't remember! Vancouver-Victoria would be one of them