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Full Version: Generic Vehicle and Allocations forum for the North East
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It's something I come across as a problem sometimes when making the odd thread and there's no real place to stick stuff like the ZEBRA 2 thread a few weeks back.

Could it something we could possibly have? Threads such relating to things as branding would be better placed in there rather than it being in one of the sepatate operators which usually just goes into a discussion whether Arriva or GNE is better anyway until the wannabe mods come along and moan.

Maybe it could be something like:

Vehicles and Allocations
Bygone Era and Bus Rallies

To replace the bottom two forums, both are pretty much unused anyway, would help for stuff like the Great North Run, Metro Replacements etc which are all over the place currently aswell. If the bus rallies was to be kept separate maybe have it as a sub forum under the Bygone.