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Go North East: Latest News & Discussion - November 2016
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(01/12/2016, 01:13)Buses98 Wrote:  in my opinion in choice of buying buses for this route maybe Go North East should go for the MCV Evoseti because the ones that first have in south yprkshire are providing exceptional service and comfort on the long route. but as a lot of people say that is my opinion

That's a B5TL or B5LH!

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Having driven both the TTX and National Express Coaches, I have to say that whilst the coaches would mechanically be able to cope with the TTX without any difficulty, a problem would arise with regard to wheelchairs. I can only speak for the Scania/Caetano Levante Tri Axles 7094 etc.  These coaches had a lift mechanism to overcome the floor height, not a ramp, and it took 20 minutes to load a wheelchair onto the coach. Complete seats had to be physically moved to make way for the wheelchair. I cannot comment about the current Volvo Tri Axles, but any coach with the aforementioned layout would be unsuitable for service work. I cannot see a way around this because of the floor height of the coach.

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(01/12/2016, 00:52)mb134 Wrote:  An Astromega TDX27, which I believe is what is used on the Oxford Tube, has a seating capacity of 91 (Stated as 63 + 26 + 1 + 1 in the brochure). This is a larger seating capacity than the longest E400. While I understand that standees aren't allowed on coaches, are there ever really that many standing loads? 

The Astromega appears not to be low floor - not ideal for elderly and those with reduced mobility.

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I think the Volvo Olympian was the last suitable bus to cope with the X9 / X10 mainly because it had a proper engine in it.

One decker that hasn't been mentioned is the Optare MetroDecker, and from travelling on it on the X1 when it was on there, it seemed quite happy to sit at 62mph on the Washington Highway.

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Weren't the Coaches taken off the X10 after the trial due to negative passenger feedback?

As I and others have said, you probably need to treat the route like the Oxford Tube. Though I'm sure the Oxford Tube makes its investment back (£15 sngle fares!) not sure how profitable the X10 actually is to justify a tube style investment and in real terms it's not a massively long journey.

Maybe the talk should shift to more reliable buses than ideas of coaches etc

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