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NEBPT North East Bus and Coach Show 2017
(30/04/2017, 21:28)EL1TE Wrote: I managed to find Dan, Jimmi and someone who I don't recognise on the front of that open topper.

That would've been me! Smile

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(30/04/2017, 19:38)citaro5284 Wrote: Did Big'un get many pics?

Sorry, I missed your question! Yes, he was snapping away. He has my "old" phone now (moto G4 plus, so not that old!) which has a decent camera as far as phones go and was enjoying using it. It's a while since he's been into taking pics, as the camera on his Sony E5 was somewhat lacking, so it was nice to see him getting stuck in.
(02/05/2017, 00:49)Adrian Wrote: I've very mixed feelings on this year's Bus and Coach Show.

I'll start by saying the NEBPT deserve some credit for the very quick turnaround/short notice on which they organised this year's event. It was unfortunate to lose the Metrocentre, which in my opinion was a cracking venue, but the show must go on...

Rather than my normal early start and catching of the run in, I decided to head across for the start at 1000 instead. Rather than wait for the first shuttle bus, which I imagined would be rather full, I decided to grab the Q3 from Haymarket. There were a few other enthusiasts that opted for this option too, and after all, it is only a short walk down from the nearest bus stop. When I got there, there were half a dozen buses already on site, and Go North East were starting to arrive. I'd say there was only a handful of members of the public on site at that time. It wasn't very clear where to pay your money on arrival, as the stewards seemed to be busy still setting up at the time, which led to others just walking straight in. 

I wasn't there for long before other vehicles started to arrive and park up, and the site soon began to fill up. I did find the site layout to become quite confusing, and there was no real plan of what was parked up where. A bit of a free for all really, which at one point led to most of the buses being tightly parked together at one end of the site. Perhaps if the site is secured for future years, a proper site plan can be drawn up, thus allowing land to be used to its maximum potential?

It was nice to see Go North East attend on mass still, and it was a shame that Arriva couldn't be there. The latter, I agree, a notable miss from this year's event. Hopefully the issues this year can be resolved with the NEBPT for next year.

The free shuttle service was very popular as usual, with very few buses going out without a full load. I sampled both Stagecarriage's HPK507N and A-Line's N703LTN. I had missed the Stagecarriage VR at Teesside last week, so I am pleased I had a chance to sample this week. The route was a simple up and over the Tyne Bridge to nearby Gateshead Interchange and back. Acting solely as a bus station shuttle, rather than a running route, as you previously had at the Metrocentre. Hopefully this is something that can be expanded on in future years, but I appreciate that the Quayside market makes things a bit difficult. A special mention goes to Go North East and Scarlet Band, who both supplied a 'low floor' shuttle to assist wheelchair users. The disabled access to the site was pretty grim, so I am pleased that both companies and their drivers stepped in to help.

There was a good variety from the trade stands as usual, but I did feel a bit sorry for them with the wind! I don't think there is a lot you can do with that though, unless industrial windbreakers can be hired in?

Although the rally was advertised to finish around 5pm, the reality was people were ready and packing up by about 3pm. The number on site had actually dropped dramatically by around 2pm, on what I'd say was a much lower turn out compared to the Metrocentre, anyway. This did however allow for a quick photoshoot at the end, with thanks to the NNRG for bringing 4855 across the site to make that happen.

It is disappointing that I have to say this, but I will - There has been a lot said on here and other discussion platforms, about either people causing a nuisance or doing things that they shouldn't be doing on site. Whilst I think it is common sense not to start opening doors on a bus to help yourself, get into driver cabs, or whatever else. I am 31 year old... many who attended the event are a lot younger than that, and are going to tend to do something unless they know better. Children are understandably excited and enthused to get up close and have a proper look at these fantastic buses. They do not have the same level of emotional control as grown adults. Why not spend the time to demonstrate and explain the bus to them and allow them to learn something, instead of sitting on board with the doors closed? It might be a good time to explain so-called rally etiquette to them, and hopefully they take something away from it. The key here is that nobody should have their day spoilt by others, and at the same time, nobody should be made to feel unwelcome either.

All in all, I still think the site has potential, but I do think the event is massively lacking any injection of ideas. It is in dire need of a refresh, and has been for a number of years now. It needs new people to get involved and compliment the experience and hard work of those that are currently involved, and more so build a contingency to ensure the events continue for years to come. The stewards were clearly rushed off their feet today, and there are so few of them to begin with. There was no printed literature about the event, and I know we have spoken on here about having programmes before.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and brought their buses along for others to enjoy!

Unfortunately there was simply not enough space to do what we wanted to do. The plan was to have 4708 in the middle of the B10,s. But we have other opportunity's to do things with the buses later in the year. The trick is not to disappear early as we always move things round for photos just before we go home.
Craig Smith. NNRG Operations Engineer. Owner of UPT 681V, FTN 710W and R855 PRG.
(08/05/2017, 17:10)Craig Smith Wrote: Unfortunately there was simply not enough space to do what we wanted to do. The plan was to have 4708 in the middle of the B10,s. But we have other opportunity's to do things with the buses later in the year. The trick is not to disappear early as we always move things round for photos just before we go home.

We did the same with the THV vehicles at rally close, space was a bit of an issue. But in addition, when we arrived we asked for spaces to be kept for our other buses which were still to arrive. Luckily we had a decent patch all together at the South side.
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