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Go North East: Latest News & Discussion - August 2017
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01/08/2017, 21:50 #11
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(01/08/2017, 21:42)busmanT Wrote:  Regrettably, the reality of bus insurance means that Go North East, like most large bus companies, will have to foot the cost of this damage themselves.

Understandable. Are the moovboxes leased or bought outright?

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(01/08/2017, 20:57)northern156 Wrote:  Out of interest, would this get covered in the vehicle's insurance claim?

I have worked for several large companies, and none of them carried comprehensive insurance - legal requirements only.

At one, the new Sales Director persuaded the MD to allow him a Mercedes instead of a Ford or Vauxhall - he argued that the depreciation and resale value would make it cheaper for the company.
Soon after he got the Merc he ran it into the back of another vehicle on the M1 - seriously damaging it.
Of course it was 'his fault' and the company had to bite his bullet.

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(01/08/2017, 19:02)Arcticrossy92 Wrote:  Seen Two Olympians heading through sunniside towards Stanley both with engineers at the wheel, and both still blinded up for Scholars.

Does this mean Stanley are swapping some buses with Riverside, as mentioned earlier.

I also seen a Vyking heading along Walker road with an engineer on board and another member of staff.

3887 now parked in Riverside depot.

The vyking was either 3969 or 3971, as 3969 replaced 3971 on Metro Replacement
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Spotted this on 5210's fleet page.

Ahead of upcoming fleet re-allocations which will see a number of the former "See it, Do it, Sunderland" branded Mercedes Citaros cascaded to Hexham Depot following refurbishment to upgrade "Tynedalexpress" services X84/X85 and "Tynedale Links" service 680, this vehicle has been repainted into Go North East's corporate livery.


Although we knew, it has now been confirmed.
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02/08/2017, 08:56 #15
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Are any of the scanias doing the metro replacement

02/08/2017, 12:20 #16
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(02/08/2017, 08:56)jimmoc Wrote:  Are any of the scanias doing the metro replacement

Nope there is vykings,volvo b7s, trident and 3963 today

02/08/2017, 16:22 #17
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(02/08/2017, 12:20)Jordan2104 Wrote:  Nope there is vykings,volvo b7s, trident and 3963 today

3963 not on any more.  It was only on due to 3974 being defective at 04:30.  3974 has since replaced 3963.
3885 & 3887 are now both on.

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6147 has entered service. It retains the B&H seating...

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03/08/2017, 07:57 #19
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(02/08/2017, 18:34)EL1TE Wrote:  6147 has entered service. It retains the B&H seating...


Not for long. All hands on deck until September, due to the extra work Go North East has over the summer (Metro Replacement, Cruise Ships shuttles, etc).

Next month, both 6147 and 6148 will be temporarily withdrawn and return to Saltmeadows Road to receive internal modifications (as per 6144/45), a re-trim, as well as undergoing a manual ramp conversion. After these two are done, the remaining OmniDekkas which entered service over the last two summer seasons (again, when Go North East had a lot of extra double-deck work) will also be re-trimmed, starting with the Toon Link branded examples. The programme will likely be ongoing until Christmas, with one bus released at a time.

3995/96 (which already have returned to Saltmeadows Road to be re-trimmed a few months ago) should return again to have handle bars etc repainted blue, as per 6141 - 6146.

Should 6124 return to service soon; it's likely this one would be re-trimmed at the same time it is painted and branded for Toon Link, while already at Saltmeadows Road.

03/08/2017, 12:01 #20
S813 FVK
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I think the corporate liveried Omnidekkas (at Stanley at least) could get away with being left as they are to be fair, none of them are too worn down internally.

Glad to see something is being done with the Toon Links though - particularly 6130.
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