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Stagecoach North East: Latest News & Discussion - August 2017
(30/08/2017, 12:47)stagecoachbusdepot Wrote: Both 22508 & 22515 were out on Saturday and seemed surprisingly fine.

I find all of this batch ugly,especially the back end,it looks like and old style bus and its only a 56 plate,i personally prefer the MANS buses,shame they are nearing the end
Kind Regards
Stagecoach still have the pages about:

1. Introducing New Express Service X24 to Newcastle from Monday 30 January 2017

2. Changes to Services E1, E2, E6 from Sunday 4 June 2017

3. Minor changes to Service 20 from Monday 19 June 2017

Should be been removed by now....
Hi are the AlX 300 22061/66 going to repaint again or are leaving alone
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