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Compass Community Transport
(23/05/2017, 10:18)Michael Wrote: PB1074031/4 Registered
Route: South Hylton, to Sunderland City Centre via High Barnes
Service number: 8X
Service type: Hail & Ride, Normal Stopping
Effective date: 23 Jul 2017

Looks like they're going ahead with the extension to the 8X so it'll do Sunderland to City Centre

Timetable here (scroll down)

Does anyone know how much it is on the 99 from "The Prospect Lidl to Hylton Retail Park"?
Some fleet updates which took place a while back.
YX06 CTV has arrived in the fleet and is a reserve in the fleet for when YX09 EUD is off.

YJ08 PKU has left the fleet having been replaced by YX06 CTV.

SF56 DNY has reportedly been scrapped due to faults. 

Compass are reportedly looking to get a newer fleet bus although that's all I know.
MX06 CTY was on tonights 939 today.
MX06 CTY was on the 939 again this morning with just a sheet of paper in the window showing the route. It's also a step entrance bus, they surely need to get an appropriate back up bus as YX06 CTV and YX09 EUD seem to be off the road all the time.
Fleet clear up thanks to driver for the information.
MX06 CPZ - Left the fleet
NX54 BXY and a few other Iveco minibuses have left the fleet.
YX06 CTV has now been entered into the reserve fleet for when YX09 EUD is off.
MX06 CTY remains in the fleet and was allocated to the 939 a few weeks ago.
S101 KNR has remained in the fleet and has not made an appearence in service YET.
The new bus is apparently on order still, starting to think they may loose there service in 2018 with service tenders.
MX06 CTY has replaced a broken YX09 EUD earlier on the 99. It also stayed on to do the 939 with a very tight squeeze, This is occuring a lot lately, surely there new proposed bus should arrive shortly.