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North East Buses The Site Problems & Suggestions
Problems accessing site
Over the last two days, I have been unable to access the site at home using my BT boardband. It's only now, out and about using the 3G on my phone that I can access it. Could the admins please look into the problem?
Sorry you've been experiencing difficulties accessing the site Kuyoyo. What happens when you can't access the site? I myself on occasions encounter a *could not connect to northeastbuses* screen. I'm at work on my phone at the moment so theres not really much I can do now at my end until later tonight. We will try and get back to you later today with what could be the problem. Once again, apologies for this. Thanks.
All I get is 'Internet Explorer cannot display this web page' on the laptop and 'server timed out' on my phone
The problem is too many users being on the server at any one time, i've have this problem all the time, I think it's mainly down to the amount of "Guest Users" who enter the site not the ones who are actually signed up to the Forum, the only other time I have a problem is when the site is having maintenance work done to make the site better. Otherwise I have zero problems.
There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the site at our end and you're certainly not banned Tongue

On occasions I'll see this screen where the request has timed-out. I can normally get back in within a few hours later or the next day. When this happens to me, it doesn't seem to affect anyone else.


Unfortunately at this time all I can possibly suggest is that you try emptying your cache and/or using a different browser, but it may just be something that will work again on its own accord.

Please get back in touch if you continue experiencing problems, and once again apologies for the inconvenience.
The problem was solved for all of 15 minutes last night. As for both suggestion, I have already tried both and nothing happened.
Problem now seems to be solved.
I personally find the Cloudflare caching service causes a few problems when the site fails over on to it (which is a lot more than you'd expect). This is when I'm at work, so I'm assuming it's down to the way our own aggressive caching service is configured internally.

One other thing I've noticed is that the DNS config for the site could do with a once-over. There are a few minor issues there that could do with correcting.
I've been getting this the past 3 day when I've been trying to access the site.
(17/05/2013, 22:06)Adam Malarkey Wrote: I've been getting this the past 3 day when I've been trying to access the site.

Been getting that for most of the last two hours. I tend to check here at the same time, which also reports the site as being 'down'.